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Ample Sound are a three piece performance and production outfit from High Wycombe, consisting of Henry Ing-Simmons, Jack Porter and Richard Vanryne. They write, produce and perform various forms of electronic dance music including: Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Electro and Electronica.


Ample Sound was formed in mid-2006 by Henry Ing-Simmons, when he became interested in computer-based music production. After a short period of solo experimentation, Henry asked his school mate and best friend Richard Vanryne to join him in this endeavour. Their initial productions were primitive and sample-based which had limited appeal to the ambitious pair, resulting in a change of direction.

In mid-2007 they began working with the music production software 'Ableton Live'. This opened up many possibilities, and although a lack of knowledge resulted in many of their early works being very experimental, constant writing of new material and exploration of other genres greatly improved their overall production quality. By the end of 2007, Ample Sound had released their first ever finished song, “Supernova”, which gained considerable popularity amongst friends and fans alike.

In 2008 a progression into fully vocalised music started with “Hear Me Out”, which was co-written by Jack Porter. This coincided with the band’s decision to start gigging. The pair's first performance was of “Hear Me Out” at their school's "Battle of the Bands" competition. The song was very well received and the satisfaction of the experience encouraged them to do more gigs and carry on writing more vocal music. Never performing the same set twice, the band started accumulating a large selection of songs with the ultimate intention of a full release. Henry and Richard wrote the Drum & Bass song "Feel the Bass" at this time, which was very popular amongst fans.

In the summer of 2009, Jack Porter, a close friend of the band, had been jamming with Richard in music sessions at school and the beginnings of what became "Afterlife" emerged. This was written over the period of a few months, and then mastered by Henry. It was clear that Jack had many ideas and talents to bring to the band that differed from those of Henry and Richard, so in September 2009, the decision was made to bring Jack into the band and at a gig in Jan 2010, Jack was officially introduced as a member of the band.

The now trio finished their debut album, entitled "Seeing Colours", and began the arduous process of mixing and mastering it with the help of the brilliantly skilled Adam Vanryne. Over the next year and a half, the band underwent great changes in sound and ability, and started to acquire a very original and distinctive sound, still without pursuing any particular genre. Consequently, “Seeing Colours” evolved significantly into what it is today. During this time, the band started remixing, which helped bring about drastic changes in their style and sound. They remixed 'Pendulum - The Island', ‘VillaNaranjos – Your Loss’, 'Chase and Status - Time (Ft. Delilah)', and 'Innerpartysystem - Not Getting Any Better', which saw touches upon Electro House and Dubstep. They also released "Back in the Game" during this period which recieved great acclaim.

"Seeing Colours" was released for free download from Ample Sound's website on 23/12/11.

The band carried on writing more material in the same style as their remixes, eventually amounting to the two-track EP "Yeah!/Soul Catcher", which was again released as a free download from their website, in Jan 2013.

The trio are now working towards another longer EP, which will continue to delve into their evolving and unique sound.