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Ample Sound are a three piece performance and production outfit from High Wycombe, consisting of Henry Ing-Simmons, Jack Porter and Richard Vanryne. They write, produce and perform various forms of electronic dance music including: Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Electro and Electronica.

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Light Up

We have literally LIT UP!

After starting this song in 2011(!), I saw the opportunity to put it out into the world by using it to help me raise money for Heart Research UK, who I'm running for in the London Marathon in April (which I am cacking myself about)

This is the 6-years-in-the-making LIGHT UP!

Posted by Richard at 11:48 on 30/01/2017 | Top


New tracks and new website coming soon

We've been quiet for a long time now, pretty much since our album came out in December. For this we must apologise. But we have some good news...

Despite Jack's absence in Japan, Richard and I have been working on some new tracks, and we've decided to release two of them. 'Yeah!' and 'Soul Catcher' will be released together as another free download. They are two funky, filthy electro tracks which show our progression both in production and style since Seeing Colours.

This is just the start, on Jack's return we will be getting together and finishing new material for our next release, which so far is delving into the electro sub-genre of dance music, as well as whatever takes our fancy.

So keep watching this site for more updates or sign-up to our newsletter to be the first to find out when you can download new songs.

Posted by Henry at 11:59 on 23/05/2012 | Top


Seeing Colours Released Today

After 3 and a half years, 50000MB of sound, 5000 lines of website code, 2500 pounds worth of kit, 10 gigs, 9 computers, and more than 50 songs...
All 15 tracks (plus a few bonus ones) of our debut album, have been released.

Download FOR FREE by signing up to the mailing list at the top of the page!

Thank you for all your support over the years, it's been a very long and emotional journey :')

Brand new tracks soon to follow.

Posted by Richard at 18:40 on 22/12/2011 | Top


Seeing Colours out 23-12-11

We're finally doing it. We're actually, after over four years in the making, going to be releasing our album Seeing Colours. It's for real this time! We're putting a date on it.

In 5 days time be ready for 15 tracks of Breakbeat, Electro and Drum & Bass to take over your Christmas. We may include some other little things too!

There will be more details to follow so watch this space!

Posted by Henry at 16:52 on 18/12/2011 | Top


New track - Footprints! ...and general update

Just a little update regarding everything!
Firstly, "Footprints", one of the songs on our debut album, "Seeing Colours", which was played when we went on Blink FM in the summer, and featured on the short film "Truth or Dare", has now been made public on our MySpace, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube. It's sort of more rock inspired than our previous dance, electro and drum & bass stuff.

There is to be an increasing delay on our album, "Seeing Colours", we're still not sure when the mastering will be complete, but we hope to release it by Easter 2011.

Whilst the album is being mastered by Adam Vanryne, we've been working on a wide variety of new music. We predict the first couple of songs to be finished will be released on an EP. They are both very much in the dance and electro vein, unlike a lot of the drum & bass we have made in the past.

On top of this new production, we have continued remixing, and followed our Pendulum's "The Island" remix with a remix of VillaNaranjos' brilliant track "Your Loss", which will be on his forthcoming LP. Check him out on Facebook and SoundCloud if you haven't already, he's brilliant! (Link on the Links page)

"Feel the Bass" is now free to download on our SoundCloud. (Click here to download!)

Thank you for all the support! Please share us with your friends using the links on this page.

Posted by Richard at 07:49 on 16/01/2011 | Top


We're still alive! - Pendulum remix, Album, new stuff

Sorry that we haven't updated this site in a while everyone. I think we've all been taking a bit of a break from thinking about band stuff after finishing off mixing the album - it was a stressful summer. As for where the album is, we don't completely know. As some people may know it is being mastered for us by Richard's uncle. He obviously has other work to do but wants to do good work on our album so that means its taking a while. We will keep you updated on its progress.

The frustrating thing about the delay on the album is that we already have lots of new drum and bass songs and some funky electro that we want to show you. We never really stop writing but we have had a bit of spurt even for us. We won't be fully releasing any of this stuff before the album is out though. We may however release some remastered downloads of some of the album's B-sides so watch out for them.

Final bit of news is that we entered Pendulum's remix competition of "The Island". We cut it fine as the competition closes today. We're pretty pleased with our efforts and our dubstep remix (yes we've attempted dubstep) will go public on our soundcloud page later today - so be sure to check it out.

Posted by Henry at 03:50 on 18/10/2010 | Top


New website, Blink interview and new song

We've finally finished this website enough to put it online for your viewing pleasure. We have a full biography, information about our music, some photos of us, a page for events to show the gigs that we may be playing at and much more to come. Hopefully we should be updating the downloads and links sections soon too.

We will try to keep you up to date with what we're up to in this news section so keep checking back to hear our latest drum and bass or electro song. If you want to be the first to know whats happening then sign up to our newsletter at the side of the page to get these posts straight to your inbox.

We have just got back from appearing on Li and Luke's Lunchtime on Blink FM. It was good fun and would like to give them a big thanks for having us and playing out four of our tracks in the end. The show is running till the end of the month so check it out on blinkfm.co.uk and if you missed us on it we are hoping to get some recordings up.

We played out a new electro song on the show - "Impulse" - which people may or may not have heard before in some form. It is now finished and we will be uploading the full version to myspace tonight so be sure to give it a listen.

Posted by Henry at 10:18 on 20/08/2010 | Top